All Over Print Crewnecks

All-over printing or sublimation is a printing process where your design is printed on paper with dye ink and then transferred directly onto the fabric with heat. Sublimation lets you cover all of the garment with your design instead of, for example, DTG printing which has a smaller area to work with.

Our All-Over Print Unisex Sweatshirt is made of a soft and durable fabric that feels great to wear. Plus, the inside's brushed fleece gives an extra comfy feel. We use the whole sweatshirt as a canvas for our boldest designs along with our top koala tee promise.  

With the ability to print any graphic on our clothing comes infinite possibility. We set ourselves apart by curating original designs that allow all-over prints to become everyday wear. From Tie-dye prints to abstract art and minimalist designs, our collection appeals to anyone who wants to take their traditional sweatshirts to the next level. Every month, we release new all-over print clothing for men and women. Whether it’s a new ugly sweater or a pair of camo joggers, we make sure every item fits our highest standard of quality.