About us

  Hello There and Welcome to Top Koala Tee,

Growing up on the boardwalks of the Jersey shore we frequently used to hang out at the boardwalk where I loved going into the beach stores and buying the coolest t-shirts and hoodies I have ever seen. You could always tell how I felt by the t-shirt I was wearing. It was always not only a way of expressing myself but served as medium that always sparked some me pretty interesting Conversations. This was around that time I realized that I wanted to have hand in creating that experience for other people.

With over thirty years of experience we know how to deliver a finished product that will keep you coming back. 100 Percent of what we offer is made with the most advance design techniques today to create the perfect design on a superior premium product, that will last year after year without pealing or fading. 

So you may ask why the Koala? because that is what we offer a koala tee product and we think Koalas are cool and cute, just like the apparel we offer. 

Our mission is not only to provide top quality graphic apparel but too provide the medium to spark human interaction and self expression.

I have witnessed first hand the affects of hurricane Sandy to the Jersey shore and was devastated by it's destruction that is why we strongly believe in giving back to our local community members by donating our services to our local little league teams, provide employment opportunity to local community members, and donate our clothing to clothing drives for local charity events. 

I hope that you enjoy shopping here. I will do my best to keep you engaged and hope you enjoy your shopping experience just as much as we enjoy creating it.

Disclaimer: No Koalas Were Harmed in the Making of this Brand


The Top Kola Himself

Adam K, Owner