About us

 Welcome to Top Koala Tee,


Growing up on the boardwalks of the Jersey shore our Father owned a custom apparel shop in Asbury Park. As kids my brother and myself worked in the store over our summer breaks and loved watching the many different types of reaction's our customer's had as they would see the designs on the T-shirts that were displayed on the wall. We found out later on in life that part of our father's mission was to create and sell designs that would provoke conversation and awareness of some of the major issues that were trending during his time.

Our father's nickname was "Big Koala" so to honor him we decided to name our website topkoalatee (because bigkoalatee was already taken).

Our over 30 years of retail experience in the Graphic Apparel industry means that we have always provided our customers with nothing but the Top quality (TopKoalaTee) of products, and graphics, that kept them returning to our store year after year.

Our mission is not only to provide top quality graphic apparel but to also support our local community members by donating our services to our local little league teams, provide employment opportunity to local community members, and donate our clothing to clothing drives for local charity events. 

Our father has since passed but his legacy lives on through us as we strive to always create designs that will not only raise awareness to some of the issues that are trending today, but also to bring a smile to your face. We hope that you like our products just as much as we do!!

Disclaimer: No Koalas Were Harmed in the Making of this Brand