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Heat Press T-Shirt

Graphic t-shirts are visually appealing and a great way to distinguish your individual personal tastes. The designs draw attention to what you "stand for" and deliver an important message. As an artist or graphic designer, they are ideal for showcasing your work. Using a t-shirt heat press, you can bring your artwork to life.

What is Heat Press Printing?

The most practical way to produce your custom-designed t-shirts is to use a t-shirt heat press machine. Heat press equipment is great for sophisticated or complex artwork. For advanced designs, a shirt heat press is the way to go.

How Does a T-Shirt Heat Press Machine Work?

A heat press machine for t-shirts works the way it sounds. It transfers a design onto a substrate (the underlying substance or layer). The t-shirt is slipped onto an electronically heated surface called the "platen." A transfer sheet with the design is positioned on the fabric. By closing the cover and applying some pressure, the ink, adhesive, or vinyl melts into the fabric.